Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hugo nominees

I am still reading my way through the Hugo nominees, and I'd like to recommend Greg Egan's "Glory." It starts with a dazzling section explaining in careful detail faster-than-light, untraceable starflight. This is all the more dazzling because the section is very much an expository lump, which I tell my students to not begin stories with, and yet it's so inventive that the exposition works. Then the story introduces characters, spins their passions and problems, and ends with a moving decision.

Do read this one.

My next blog will be from the pre-Eeriecon Roundtable in Buffalo, at which Joe Haldeman, Anne Bishop, Josepha Sherman, Jennifer Crow, and I will hold forth on...what?

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Unknown said...

I just finished that story and I really liked it. Sometimes Egan's stories just get too "post-Singularity" for me and I get overwhelmed by all the techno-babble. But that description at the beginning of "Glory" was pretty cool.