Saturday, July 3, 2010

Archie McPhee's

Yesterday I had lunch with Vonda McIntryre and, after intense discussion on the craft of writing (at least three minutes' worth), we went to Archie McPhee's. This, for those of you who have never visited Seattle, is the source of those catalogues of objects you never knew you needed until you saw them there. Among the weirder items:
  • an inflatable fruitcake -- "Just as inedible as the original!"
  • action figures of Wall Street zombies
  • underpants for squirrels
  • boxes of Nihilistic Mints -- they have no flavor at all
  • a wedding-cake decoration of a Reluctant Bride -- he is dragging her kicking and screaming to the altar
  • and my absolute favorite -- Cold War Unicorns. They are rearing up to fight. One is painted red with hammer and sickle and the other painted with the Stars 'n Stripes.
Now a serious question: Daryl Gergory is struggling with a zombie novel he's writing. I bought him a zombie finger puppet to encourage him, a fellow novelist. Does that make this trip tax deductible?


bluesman miike Lindner said...

Sure, if you want to get indicted for interstate zombie-trafficking.

But seriously, Nancy. If this place McPhee's is so great, why don't they sell =real= zombies?

When the writing's not coming so well, there's nothing to concentrate the mind like a zombie in the corner, arms folded, staring at you.

You fingers will =fly= across the keyboard!

Anonymous said...


EFKelley said...

'Fingers flying across the keyboard...' Now, when talking about zombies, is that what they call 'literalizing the metaphor?'

And, for the record, I agree with Chinese guy, but I wouldn't have used the vulgarity.

Rich Baldwin said...

The inflatable fruitcake, inedible like the original, but more easily compacted down. Unfortunately not as useful for replacing missing bricks in your walls.

It would have been very meta if the Cold War Unicorns had, in fact, been a lion and a unicorn . . .

Vonda N. McIntyre said...

I am pond scum! I meant to find you the pictures to illustrate your blog post. To make up for it, I reveal that the zombie finger puppets are glow-in-the-dark. Really!