Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Touring Seattle, Still

Northwest Trek is a safari-type wildlife preserve of animals native to the Pacific Northwest. Yesterday, in a steady cold rain, my intrepid fellow travelers and I rode a tram through the preserve and then walked the dripping trails. Herbivores roam free in the largest part of the park; carnivores are fenced in smaller but still spacious habitats. In 1999, however, a cougar escaped. It ate ten animals before it could be trapped and removed. This wolf would probably like to do something similar:Many of the animals, or reasons best known to themselves (although I suspect "disdain") consistently had their backs to the tram. Here is the backside of a bull elk:

These are the backsides of mooses. A bull moose eats 27,000 calories per day. This sounded great to all of us, hungry from tromping soddenly through the rain.
The American bison, which smells terrible:
Ten minutes after we left the park, it stopped raining. Skies turned blue. Ah, well.

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Orion said...

The American bison may smell terrible, but it tastes delicious.