Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pub Date

Today is the pub date (which always sounds to me like a romantic tryst in a British bar) for my new novel, FLASH POINT.
FLASH POINT is YA science fiction about a near-future TV reality show in a United States on the verge of revolution.  Amy, at sixteen considered an adult, takes a job to support her sick grandmother and wild younger sister.  She becomes a contestant on the reality show -- but has no idea what she's getting into, how desperate the producers are, or what the consequences will be.  She acquires friends, allies, and enemies, all as the political situation becomes more volatile and her sister harder to control. 

Publisher's Weekly said of the book:  "It’s Fear Factor meets The Running Man by way of the 99% in this tense drama...Sadly, the concept of this exploitative reality show is entirely believable, as is the financially ruinous setting. Strong characterization rounds out this unsettling thriller."  

From the review in Kirkus"Most striking, though, is the complex characterization, with its emphatic insistence that no one—hero or villain—is anything less than a complicated mixture of good and bad, strength and weakness, compassion and selfishness.While the adrenaline rush will draw readers in, it’s the unsettling question posed by the program title that will linger." 

I am currently in France for an international science fiction convention (and suffering strongly from jet lag), so I will miss my own pub date.  On the other hand, there are great bars here, too. 

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Mark Murata said...

I heard you speak at Norwescon in Seattle last year, I found your blog yesterday, and I bought the Kindle edition of Flash Point today.

I'm interested in reading a young adult novel that was written for both young adults and adults.