Thursday, September 13, 2007

Paying The Bills

Writers sometimes take strange freelance assignments to supplement fiction earnings. Today I did a presentation on "storytelling" to a major corporation that wishes to use this information to design software to help people better take, organize, and arrange photos. Since I work in words and they work in images, I'm not sure that my presentation was of much use to anybody. But it was interesting to do , and the very intelligent audience asked some very intelligent questions.
Two weeks ago I was in China with Michael Swanwick, Neil Gaiman, and David Brin -- today I'm in a skirt-and-jacket passing for corporate. Variety and spice and all that.


ed said...

Hi Nancy ---
Since you're publicly wondering - your talk was very valuable and esteemed - not to mention highly stimulating. It engendered a number of insights we're finding useful. Both your theory and taxonomy are kind of brilliant and I recommend you share it more widely. We're anxiously looking forward to continuing the dialogue. Thanks! >PS...If Dr. Schank is right (and I think his hypothesis is increasingly supported by current research) good storytellers are equivalent to good thinkers -- which means your insights are broadly applicable to perception and communication in general - not just the written word. This suggests that storytellers are also innately shamans, and good shamans are hard find! Thanks again.

Nancy Kress said...

Thank you, Ed. I've always wanted to be a shaman. Now if I just had a better supply of toad skin....