Saturday, October 20, 2007

Mind and Body

Whenever I'm tempted to believe in Cartesian dualism, the universe corrects me. Yesterday I threw out my back. I don't write wit my back, but no writing can occur until it feels better. Pain, immobility, and self-pity are the enemies of fiction. The mind doesn't produce if the body's unhappy (at least, my mind doesn't). Maybe writers should train physically, like athletes, to improve their stories.

And speaking of speed, Lou Anders has already sent me the contract AND the check for "The Kindness of Strangers," making him the fastest editor I've ever worked with, hands down. I only sent him the story last Monday!


Carmen Webster Buxton said...

Congrats again! I guess the efficiency of editors is even better than the kindness of strangers?

Mr. JM said...

Lou Anders is a SF god. That guy is truly trying to take over the universe of there at Pyr.

Run for the hills! :)


Mr. JM said...

"...over there at Pyr."

Stupid typos.


Steven Francis Murphy said...

I have noticed that I get more fiction work done if I spend more time in the gym.

Of course, I'd get even more fiction work done if I spent LESS time on the internet, but that is another story.

S. F. Murphy