Wednesday, March 26, 2008


My friend Barbara DelHotal has a class of phenomena she calls "WOWs" -- Weirdnesses of the World. Stuff you wouldn't think could happen in real life, and would be pooh-poohed if you put it in fiction -- but here it is. The last few days have been rich in WOWs. And since every weirdness is also an opportunity...

* An eBay auction reached $1300 for a Corn Flake shaped like Illinois, before eBay shut down the auction because it violated their rule about not auctioning food. The auction was later re-opened to auction a "coupon," which is allowed, to claim the Corn Flake. I'm now looking through my daily Fiber One, which unfortunately all seem to be shaped like bacilli.

* A genealogist, through painstaking research, has discovered that Hillary Clinton is related to Angelina Jolie. I'm wondering how far back I have to go to discover I'm related to my idol, Jane Austen.

* The Pentagon inadvertently shipped electrical fuses for ICBMs to Taiwan, instead of the helicopter batteries they had ordered. Now I'm trying to figure out how I can get shipped to me Stephen King's royalty checks, instead of my own.

Finally, not a WOW but a piece of pleasant news: The Japanese publisher Hayakawa has bought my Probability trilogy. These will be my first novels published in Japanese.


Luke said...

And I was thinking this post had to do with World of Warcraft...

Steven Francis Murphy said...

Probability is an excellent choice.


On the Pentagon thing, that really doesn't surprise me. It is funny though.

S. F. Murphy

Carmen Webster Buxton said...

Congratulations, Nancy! I wish I knew how to say that is Japanese.

Daniel said...

Congrats! (about Hayakawa)

bluesman miike Lindner said...

Congrats on the Japanese publishing, Nancy!

I don't think the corn flake was that uncommon. Us Forteans call stuff like that "simulacra." But generally the flakes are shaped like North Dakota.

Isn't mailbox money always good news? Bet Steve King thinks so.