Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dogs and Nanotech

Fair warning: This particular blog entry consists of shameless self-promotion. First, Tachyon Publications is running a contest to publicize my July bio-thriller, Dogs. The contest invites you to submit a picture of your dog. Prizes will be given. I'm not sure what the judging criteria are -- given the nature of the book, the prizes should go to the most vicious-looking, dangerous animal, but I don't think that's what Tachyon has in mind. The entries so far are mostly of very cute dogs (although not as cute as mine). At any rate, here is the URL:

More conventionally, a local Barnes & Noble is holding a triple book launch party on Saturday, June 21. The books being launched are Robert Sawyer's novel Identity Theft, Nick DiChario's novel Valley of Day-Glo, and my short story collection Nano Comes To Clifford Falls and Other Stories. The event is at the Pittsford Plaza B&N, on Monroe Avenue, Pittsford, NY at 7:00 p.m. I'd love to meet some of you posters and lurkers there. But don't bring your dogs.


bluesman miike Lindner said...

Dadburnit, Nancy, when you gonna come to Noo Yawk to have an event at =my= B&N? You've been there. It's a cool place.

Ah's the Performing Arts conductor, but of course I always check-out the SF area. When NANO... came out, I had a leetle powwow with the Fiction boss. Conversation went something like this...

Mike...come on, man...take that away from my throat...this is getting seriously not funny, man...

You gonna put Nancy's book on an endcap, Bobby?

Sure, Mike!

Your word?

Word! Jesus! All you hadda do was ask...But gravity knives ain't legal. Where'd you get that?

From a guy who didn't need it anymore.

Ahh...gotcha. Could I see it for a second?


Wow! It's sharp! You know something, Mike?


Giving me your weapon. That was a very poor move, Earthman.

bluesman miike Lindner said...

So what happened? Well, I'll tell yez.

"Bobby" assumed his =true= shape: a hellish alien from the Void.

Luckily, I always keep a blaster in my boot. And an energy pistol beats a knife every time.

It wasn't easy explaining to the store manager what happened, though.

Dolly said...

So, even in the write up "thrilling new novel of bioterrorism and international intrigue" and I'm supposed to post a photo of my adorable little mix breed? Who would probably be killed in the book? And possibly win a book I'll never read? Even if it is signed by the world best SCIFI writer who by the way recently won a Nebula. And has a wonderful, charming witty cousin. Ok-ok, so I posted a photo. But, if I win the book, I'm not reading it. I'm donating it to the Autism Society. :)

Nancy Kress said...

Disclaimer here: "Dolly" is my first cousin. A dog lover who is highly ambivalent about reading this book, because some dogs may be harmed in it. HIGHLY. Did I mention that she's ambivalent....