Monday, July 28, 2008

Images and Preparation

You probably wonder why you're looking at a picture of this dog. Two reasons: First, I'm practicing inserting pictures into my blog, something I've never done before (this one is too big but I don't know how to alter it now that's it's here.) At the NASA workshop and Worldcon, I'd like to take pictures and put them in my posts. This is rehearsal.
Second, last week the author's copies of my bio-thriller DOGS finally reached me from Tachyon Press. I have been happily giving them away to friends and relatives. This tiny creature, Cosette, was my model for one of the book's canine protagonists, Minette. She's not on the cover, so now she's here. Looking, it seems to me, a bit bemused to find she has a web presence.
Pictures of people to follow in a few days.


Steven Francis Murphy said...

The next step will be to embed YouTube videos into your blog.

Nice shot, btw.

S. F. Murphy

Nick A said...

Check out the new 'google startup', that launched today: it returns text and associated photos with every search. Should be quite interesting to watch:

Wishwords said...

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed "Dogs". Frequently, I put thrillers down and never pick them up again. When I'm reading a thriller, I like to ask myself "How is she going to get out of this?" about the protagonist, not "Is she going to get out of this?" Thank you for writing my kind of heroine.