Tuesday, January 13, 2009


This is my last day in Leipzig; tomorrow I fly home. As I walked to campus under a glorious pink-and-gold sunrise, I thought of all the things that, within a few months, I will have forgotten: the names of consecutive stops on the Number 15 tram. The codes to get me into my university computer account. The cost of my favorite pastry at the cafe in BayrischerPlatz. The inconvenience of running up and down four stories to do laundry or take out trash. The names of anchormen on CNN Europe.

But I won't forget the important things, such as the pleasures of teaching my students here or the friendship of people I have met. And someday, maybe, I can return. After all, when I left Leipzig ten years ago, I never expected to return -- yet here I am.

You just never know, do you?


Frank Böhmert said...

Auf wiedersehen, Nancy.

It was fun and inspiring to see Germany through your eyes.

Best wishes,
Frank from Berlin

Chris Köhler said...

Auf wiedersehen, Nancy! :-)

Chris Köhler said...

...oh and thank you for all the inspiring stories, especially those from Mike Resnick and "The Disposessed".