Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Two more on the Internet

Two more interesting things on the Internet have come my way in the last few days. The first is the use of the Net for economic recompense. A band flying on United Airlines checked the lead singer's guitar; United broke it in transit and refused to do anything about the issue; the band put together a hilarious revenge in the form of a song on You-Tube. After a million or so people viewed this, United compensated the guy for his broken guitar. Here is the URL; it's terrific.

The second thing (ahem!) concerns my sister Kate, a professional actress in NYC. Two of her friends put together an SF "show" using little dolls and voice-overs of all their actor friends. This, too, is very funny, and is also getting a lot of hits. You can see Captain Stargood at My sister is the voice of Vera Buxley.

Clearly, I need either a Vera Buxley or a broken guitar to get more attention for THIS blog...

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José Iriarte said...

Bah, you don't need more attention for this blog . . . that'll just bring in the riffraff.

I'm riffraff enough for these parts.