Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Worldcon Rising

Tomorrow I leave for Montreal for Anticipation, the 2009 Worldcon. I am looking forward to this. I haven't been to Montreal for thirty years, but I remember that it's a beautiful and exciting city. I hope to actually see some of it -- unlike many worldcons, which I seem to have spent entirely in the bar, at restaurants, or on panels. On the other hand, those are satisfying places to be.

I am nominated for a Hugo, which I thoroughly expect to lose (I sometimes win Nebulas, but not Hugos). The nice parts about being nominated are being invited to the Hugo reception beforehand and being assured of a good seat at the ceremony. As someone who is both near-sighted and prone to losing glasses, it's nice to be close enough to, say, distinguish Neil Gaiman from Robert Silverberg.

The trip up is by car with my friend Alysse, who is driving. She says she's pretty sure she knows where Montreal is and that we can reach it in six hours. If she's right, I'll be blogging next from there. Stay tuned.


Andrew said...

I'm reading "The Erdmann Nexus" right now! Or rather, will be reading again after work...

Good luck :)

José Iriarte said...

I bet you a beer you're wrong. "The Erdmann Nexus" absolutely blew me away, and I read as many of the nominees as possible each year.