Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hilarious at the Movies

I know it has been a long time since I blogged -- mea culpa. Suffice it to say that life got hectic. I will return to regular blogging now, and hope I have a few readers left who haven't totally given up on me.

Small updates: My house is not selling. My novel is. Applications are now open for Taos Toolbox (Google it), where I will be teaching this summer with Walter Jon Williams.

Now on to the movie review. Last night I accidentally saw 2012. This came about because at the last minute my movie companion, who had had a difficult day at work, decided that she simply could not face Precious. So we bought tickets, settled ourselves in the theater... and had a wonderful time.

Not because this is a good movie. It's a terrible, awful movie, so horrendously bad that it becomes funny. As absurdity piles on absurdity, all in a solemn tone, we dissolved in giggles. Then we started counting things: How many times runways and highways crumbled just feet behind vehicles bearing our heroes (six). How many phenomena could be caused by huge solar activity (shifting earth crust, meteors, massive magnetic fluctuations that nonetheless do not affect anyone's computers). And -- my favorite -- how many other books and movies had been cribbed from. I recognized scenes from When Worlds Collide, Earthquake, The Abyss, Titanic, Childhood's End, and Genesis. It's an amazing mishmash, and as hard to look away from as a collapsing sinkhole. My friend and I left the theater cheerful and still giggling.

Don't forget the popcorn, which has more artistic merit than the movie. And less transfat.


José Iriarte said...

The magic of feed readers: blog when you want. Folks like me will find it just fine. :)

I've been thinking 2012 looks like mindless fun. This sounds rather more mindless than I'd hoped, though.

I've been thinking this will be the year I finally decide the kids can live without me long enough for me to attend a serious writing conference. Yours sounds great, but it conflicts with the end of my school year. Also, as an unpublished writer, it sounds like I'm not the intended audience. So far I'm setting my sights on OSC's literary boot camp, which seems to match up well with my needs and schedule.

Sorry your house isn't selling. I was in a situation like that when I bought my current house, and it sure was scary. Hope yours sells soon.

Lou said...

I, too, watched this movie with insurmountable glee. For mostly the reasons you mentioned.

I was using my hands, both in front of me, palms down, in the darkened theater to explain to my 13 year old son why tectonic plates sliding alongside one another (like the ones on either side of the San Andreas fault) would not have a single edge crumple and sink underwater.

Also, the water under the crust reached 212 degrees Fahrenheit! Egads! What about the magma that is ALREADY at 700 degrees AT LEAST?

I had a rockin' good time, because, as you mentioned, everything crumbled at gasoline-engine speeds.

The collapse of the caldera? Easy to outrun. Of course! The fiery blast seemed to SLOW DOWN in order to allow our intrepid heroes to taxi away...then...when the plane was at speed, the blast SPED UP to nip at their tail feathers.

Ah, Hollywood...

*grins hugely*


TheOFloinn said...

The difference between an era with a visual imagination and an era with a textual intellect.

Speaking of cribs, it sounds a lot like J.T. McIntosh's 1953 classic One in Three Hundred.

bluesman miike Lindner said...

How little, Nancy, you must think of (sob) your loyal readers...

August 2012 will see a world-wide panic. It will leave Y2K in the dust.

Trust me on this.

Unknown said...

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