Thursday, January 28, 2010

Video Games

Recently I played a video game -- well, part of a video game -- for the first time since Ms. Pac-Man (no, don't add up the decades). This was at Ted and Christine Kosmatka's; they have just moved to Seattle so that Ted can take a job at Valve, the makers of Left for Dead. The game I tried was Left for Dead2.

The graphics were amazing, but I was a disaster. In addition to shooting my own teammates, I somehow maneuvered my character to fall out of a window. I kept blundering into walls. Zombies slipped by me like air. I don't think this is a form of recreation I will be repeating any time soon. Some of us, apparently, are better off sticking to words.


Brendan said...

Or at least avoiding "First-person Shooters"

bluesman miike Lindner said...

I think to be a real player, you need a degree of eye-hand coordination that I, for one, just ain't got.

And that's a pity. I'm always ready to join in a chant of "Death to Zombies!"