Sunday, May 2, 2010

Book Launch

Some writers mark the pub date of their first novel by rushing around to bookstores to see who has it in stock. Some notify their agent that now the on-pub portion of the advance is due. Some merely gloomily contemplate the necessity of now writing another book. John Pitts and his live-wire wife Kathy threw a party for his debut novel from Tor, BLACK BLADE BLUES.

It was a lovely party. Here is the author, looking literary as he signs my copy of his book. Since BLACK BLADE BLUES, an urban fantasy and the first of a trilogy, makes use of Norse mythology, the horns are thus (vaguely) explained:

There were a buffet, a DJ, dancing, and hula hoops. The host cut the cake with a ceremonial sword. Here Corry Lee, a particle physicist, and I are attempting the macarena, woefully out of step. But, then, the macarena itself is pretty out of step in 2010:

Ken Scholes, author of the well-received LAMENTATION, neglected to bring his guitar but promised to bring it to the Locus Awards in June:

Next time I have a book out, I want a party, too. Complete with macarena.


TheOFloinn said...

Pictures of the Nancy dancing the macarena really ought to be motion pictures.

Corry said...

Apparently we forgot the step where touch our heads after we cross our arms over our chest. Cross-uncross-cross-uncross.

Though it worked pretty well despite that... once we figured out which way we were turning!

qiihoskeh said...

"Book launch" makes me think of "rocket launch", especially with SF.