Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Love and Writing

This morning I started a new piece of fiction. Doing that is a lot like starting a new love affair. There is that initial rush of hope and suspense: Will this turn into anything? Will the connection be a good one, the promise fulfilled? It's a time of anticipation and anxiety in about equal measure.

Some stories, like some love affairs, just peter out (which is what happened with the story I began a few weeks ago). The initial spark just isn't enough to sustain them. Others chug along well for a while but then hit an impossible situation and blow up. Others finish in a stable but uninspired friendship. And a few soar.

I don't know yet what path this new work will take. But for as long as I don't know, the possibilities are all still there, tantalizing as spring breeze. I don't want to leave my new love, preferring to write steadily for hours each day. However, that isn't going to happen because Thursday I leave for World fantasy Con in Columbus, Ohio. The next blogs will come from there.


Lou said...

Have fun in Ohio!

If Mike manages to talk you into the rasslin' contest, please post pics.


MsGoblinPants said...

I hope the new piece works out for you. I want to read it! To balance out my selfish wish, I also hope you have a wonderful time at the con (and don't come down with con crud). Best wishes!

Nancy Kress said...

What on earth is con crud?

MsGoblinPants said...

Lack of sleep, too much stress or drinking, lots of people packed into one little area, lots of hugging rarely seen friends...All that means that practically every time I go to a con, I come back sick. But apparently you've been lucky enough to escape the con crud curse thus far! Well done!