Sunday, April 24, 2011

Norwescon Day 2

Conventions are sometimes hard work.

Yesterday at Norwescon I was originally scheduled for seven panels. I dropped one, which left me talking for six hours, often one after another. Now, I like doing panels, but by dinner time I was hoarse, tired of smiling, and completely talked-out. There was not even time to recuperate in the bar between sessions. Here are Kelley Eskridge, Jack Skillingstead, Mary Rosenblum, me, and Ted Kosmatka discussing Methods of Characterization:
But the costumes were amazing. Here is a plant person:

A gorgeous Victorian lady:And, incongruously, Uncle Sam. Or maybe not so incongruously: the hallways were full of aliens, Storm Troopers, Starfleet officers, Regency bucks, butterflies, Alice in Wonderland, satyrs, and barbarians, all jostling each other in the hallways.The most interesting panel I was on was called "The Best Writing Advice I Ever Received," moderated by the incomparable Jay Lake. Some samples of received wisdom:

Eileen Gunn was told by William Gibson: "You must overcome your quite natural and appropriate revulsion for your own work."

I was told by Bruce Sterling: "Follow the money."

Jack Skillingstead offered: "Finish things."

Jay Lake offered: "No matter how much you're writing, do a little more."

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This was the most interesting panel I attended!