Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Huge Mistake

As some of you pointed out -- and thank you -- the cover of the e-pubbed version of my novel CRUCIBLE used the image of an X-wing fighter from STAR WARS. This is not good. It came about because a young friend of mine did the cover, with Photoshop. She assumed that because she found the image on a free-wallpaper site, it was in the public domain. She didn't recognize it as a STAR WARS image because she never saw any of the STAR WARS movies. I didn't recognize it because I haven't seen one for 25 years and don't have a good visual memory for space craft anyway. So -- a boondoggle.

I'm fixing this. The problem is that neither Nook nor Kindle will let me edit my publication because both are "in process" (of, presumably, approval). It's been 48 hours, the "process" is only supposed to take 24 hours, there is no way to talk to a live person. Meanwhile, the purloined cover has turned up in the Kindle storefront, and why is that if it hasn't yet been approved?

Welcome to the brave new world of e-publishing.


Mark Andrew Edwards said...

Hi Nancy. I work at Amazon. I'll see if I can get someone at the content review team to fast-track things.

Shoot me an email if you have questions, I'll try to help.

Nancy Kress said...

Thank you!

Nancy Kress said...

I should add that I uploaded a new cover -- which is presumably waiting for approval.

Robert Mitchell Evans said...

IF I may make a suggestion for furture covers. I find one of two options work well for image-rights safe covers.
One there are anumber of site that for a very reasonable fee sell royalty free images. Another place to get royalty free images is NASA. Their images are public domain as we the American people paid for them. Their web site details the rights. Pretty much all they restruict is that you can't use the images as part fo something taking an opffical position for NASA>

Bryan H. Bell said...

Another good place to find free images is Wikimedia Commons, the storehouse for free images used in Wikipedia and its related sites.

I just purchased Crucible for Kindle on and don't see the Star Wars image on their web site. The eBook itself has no cover image.

Nancy Kress said...

Bryan -- It's supposed to have the new cover image! Maybe it's still "in process."