Sunday, December 9, 2012

Teaching on a Cruise Ship

 I enjoy teaching writing--well, most of the time, anyway.  But no teaching gig has ever been as much fun as teaching aboard the Norwegian Sky as it cruised through the Caribbean.  True, the cruise had its down moments: Here I am collapsed on a beach after an hour and a half of vomiting over the side of a small boat from which I was supposed to be snorkeling:

In general, however, this was a lovely time.  Here we are getting underway from Miami:

 Jack on a pristine white-sand beach, the water impossibly blue:
 Jack again, at a Nassau cafe from which we watched the funeral procession of the first Bahamian runner to win Olympic gold.  There were two bands, several dozen soldiers as an honor guard, and the prime minister walking behind the coffin.
 Sailing along the shoreline of expensive homes in Freeport:
 This odd-looking creation, made of towels, is one of many that turned up in our cabin every time the maids made up the bed:

Oh, and yes--we taught.  The students were interesting people, and some of the best times were just talking to them over the ship's large and frequent meals.  Now--until next year, when the entire teaching cruise happens again!


ellie said...

Beautiful photos.

I am a huge fan of your writing, especially the ways you explore the positive side of capitalism (as voluntary interaction for mutual benefit) in Beggars in Spain. That is a unique mindset these days.

ellie said...
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Unknown said...

Hi, Nancy, I've just devoured two of your wonderful books. Thank you.

I found several typos in both Dogs and Beggars. Would you like someone (like me) to copy them and send you a list in future?? I would be honored to help as I am one of those people who read every word.

Email me at if this would be a help.

Love your story telling and the thinking about people it provokes in me.