Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Various Matters

This is a miscellaneous round-up of matters discussed earlier on this blog, in case anybody is still interested:

"Elevator," the story I wrote in a single-sitting eight-hour session that produced an endorphin high, has sold to the anthology ECLIPSE 2. It's curious that such a positive experience can result in a story with so many negative components. But, then, P.G. Wodehouse was chronically depressed, hated writing, and still managed to be upbeat and hilarious in print.

"The Product," the story I dithered about last October (blog entry "Is It Dead, Jim?") is officially dead. I gave it a two-month rest and then reread it, and I hate it. Really hate it. So it's never going anywhere but my file cabinet, which also houses the odd spider. The spider is more alive than this story.

The maybe-novel is indeed a novel. There is now 20,000 words of it and it's just getting started, so it genuinely is a novel. All 20,000 words need rewriting, since I only figured out yesterday what the thing will be about.

The tooth-critter FDA clinical trial is only using "young, healthy males." Thus I do not qualify and will have to go on subsidizing my dentist's retirement fund.

I am going to nominate my own novella for the ASIMOV'S reader poll, on the grounds that (1) I'm a reader, and (2) I like it. But I'm also going to nominate other stories I like.

I will be out of town, sans laptop, until Tuesday, when blogging will resume.


Arun said...

I enjoyed "Fountain of Age" as well, Nancy, and intend to nominate it in this year's awards.


Florence Craye said...

PG Wodehouse depressed? Really?

Mr. JM said...

I am going to nominate my own novella for the ASIMOV'S reader poll...

Yes! You deserve it. That was a hell of a story; the kind of writing I aspire to.


Mr. JM said...

Oh my. I almost forgot.

Congratulations on your sale of "Elevator"! :)