Friday, November 2, 2007

World Fantasy Con -- Day 1

I drove to Saratoga Springs with Nick DiChario and two other Rochesterians. We didn't get very lost on the way. Arrivng at 5:30, I found the bar in full overdrive: Too many peeople, not enough chairs, overworked waitresses. These things continued to be the theme of the evening throughout dinner and the party given by "Australia" (This is how it was listed on the program; presumably the entire country was our host.) Patrick O'Leary got us lost on the way to the restaurant. Jim Kelly was charming, Andy Duncan witty, Steve Carper erudite. It was "couples night," so I got a break on the entree special with Clarionite Melinda Thielbar as my "date. " The party was thronged, so Ellen Klages and I sat on the staircase until Security threw us out on the grounds that we were impeding traffic, which there wasn't any of. Back at the party, Ellen spilled wine on Sheila Williams. Gardner Dozois turned up with a new, short haircut reminiscent of Julius Caesar. Some people, of which I may have been one, drank a great deal of wine and laughed a lot. If there were substantive discussions of SF going on, I didn't hear them.

But, hey -- it's only Day #1.

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