Sunday, April 20, 2008

Eeriecon -- Day 3

This morning I had two breakfasts at the con hotel. The first was with Robert Gissing, also an early riser, who explained how to smelt iron ore in your microwave. The second was with Joe and Gay Haldeman. Gay explained that Mikhail Baryshnikov, whom she saw dance recntly, can still do barrel jumps and still looks sensational shirtless.

One panel this morning: "My Shorts Are Getting Longer," which was supposed to be a panel about turning short stories into novels. And it was that, at least until Carl Frederick stopped proceedings dead by explaining how and why he always writes sitting on a saddle. It improves his posture, which in turn, he says, improves his prose. Also, "The stirrups are important."

Driving home, I got a speeding ticket on the Thruway. I was, indeed, going 78 in a 55-mph zone, but I was passing. However, I won't fight this ticket in court. It's a small price to pay for all those useful explanations.

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Robert Gus Gissing said...

I showed my wife your comment about me being an early riser; she said that there must be someone else named Robert Gissing that you were referring to. "Well," I said, "I am an early riser now." She just rolled her eyes at me...well i will show her! Breakfast at the con was well worth the $11.00 USD for 2 eggs over easy, with bacon, white toast and coffee because the company was so great.

Riding home all I could think about was how you said that probability could be the manifestation of the 5th force...I will ask the 8-ball when I get to work tomorrow. It is always right.