Saturday, April 26, 2008

Nebulas -- Day 3, Part I

This morning was the Asimov's Reader Awards, combined with Analog's AnLab awards, at a buffet breakfast in the Omni hotel. Editor Sheila Williams presented the Asimov's certificates first. Since none of the winners were present, the rest of us accepted for them, reading speeches emailed to us by the rightful winners:

**Best Novella: "Recovering Apollo 8," Kristine Kathryn Rusch, accepted by Connie Willis.

**Best Novelette: "Dark Integers," Greg egan, accepted by Geoff Landis, who said that Egan does not exist but is really an AI.

**Best Short Story: "Tideline," Elizabeth Bear, accepted by me.

**Best Poem: "The Dimensional Rush of Relative Primes," Bruce Boston, accepted by Mary Turzillo.

Then Stan Schmidt presented the AnLab awards. And the winners are:

**Best Novella: "Murder in Parliament Street," Barry Longyear, who accepted for himself.

**Best Novelette: "Quaestions Super Caelo et Mundo," Michael Flynn, who gave his acceptance spech in Latin.

**Best Short Story: "The Astronaut," Brian Plante, who was not present.

**Best Fact Article: "The Ice Age That Wasn't," Richard A. Lovett, who accepted in English.

All throughout brunch I kept wanting to steal one of the really cute cream pitchers, but the very moral Connie Willis would not let me. Scott Edelman, however, was willing to help in this heist, had I actually carried it out.

More later, after the major festivities.


Carmen Webster Buxton said...

Congratulations on your win, Nancy! Fantastic news!

dolphintornsea said...

Congratulations on your second Nebula for best novella, Nancy!

Scott Edelman said...

I'm afraid you've gotten it all wrong, Nancy. Those interested in accuracy can go to to
find out the truth about the larceny that resides in Nancy's soul.

Tempest said...

*blink* since when do you have a BLOG?

Oh, since last year. No one tells me these things!

Also, Scott totally called you out on that milk bottle thing.

Unknown said...