Sunday, April 12, 2009

Best Wishes

Happy Easter to those who celebrate the holiday, and Happy Spring to everyone.


TheOFloinn said...

Happy Easter to those who celebrate the holiday

My son-in-law Basheer tells me that that includes muslims, at least in Jordan, as is put forth in the fifth sura of Hly Qur'an, The Table.

In any case, when I came home today, Basheer said, "Happy Easter," and I reflexively replied in kind, then stopped myself. That's when he told me that muslims also recognize Easter, though in a different context. One thing it is not, he said, is bunnies and eggs.

Easter doesn't mean the same thing to a muslim that it does to a Christian. Twice The Table says that those who say that "the Messiah Son of Mary" is God are blaspheming. But muslims do say that the last supper was brought down miraculously by God and it would be an eid [feast] for all time. The Christians do not believe that the meal itself was miraculous. Curious how there are these odd agreements within the disagreements; and vice versa.

Nancy Kress said...

That's interesting, Mike -- I didn't know any of that.

TheOFloinn said...

Then you may also not know that on Easter, the Risen Lord rolls aside the stone of His tomb and steps out. And if He sees His Shadow, we have six more weeks of Lent.