Thursday, April 9, 2009


I am reading my way through all the Hugo nominees in the short-fiction categories, and I hit a snag. Ian McDonald's "The Tear" was published in an anthology I don't have, and nowhere on-line could I find a copy of it to read. The same may (or may not -- I'm only as far as the novelette category) be true of other nominees. Then I realized that my nominated story, "The Erdmann Nexus," isn't available, either.

I am trying to rectify this. I contacted Anticipation, the 2009 Worldcon, and they said they would put the story up on their site as a free download. John Scalzi said he would do the same thing, including it in a bundle of nominees he is making available. So far, neither of these sources have posted "The Erdmann Nexus," but I hope that will be remedied shortly. I would like the story to be read.

Meanwhile, I struggle with the story I'm supposed to be writing for the Subterranean tribute anthology to Robert Silverberg. I abandoned writing in the universe of Bob's story "Going;" my story wasn't "going" anywhere. So now I'm trying a sequel to the early Silverberg story "Sundance." Not, however, with Bob's pyrotechnics re point of view and tense changes. I don't think. Maybe. There's only 1,900 words so far, and I'm not sure how the story will progress. But this is swing two at that particular ball -- please just don't let this one be another strike!


cd said...

If you go to the Asimov's www site, they have a link to "The Erdmann Nexus." Most fans will think to look there.


Nancy Kress said...

I should have thought of that, CD! Well, at any rate, there are now two choices, since the Anticipation site has the story as a "Read On Line." I think John Scalzi will arrange a free download, as well.