Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Cautionary Tale

Two good things to do NOW:

Get a tetanus shot.

Train your dog not to bite under any circumstances whatsoever.

My friend Leslie, who sweetly offered to watch my toy poodle while I was at Armadillocon, was bitten by the Little Darling while moving Cosette's food bowl. The finger became infected, and Les ended up in the hospital overnight on an antibiotic drip. As soon as my plane landed from Austin, I went to the hospital. Les was cheerful and bright-sidey ("It's been an interesting experience") but I felt -- still feel -- terrible. She is home now, recovered. I am looking into behavioral therapy for Cosette. This, it turns out, is very expensive.

A dog's mouth is a messy place. Well, just consider what they do with it! A tetanus shot is cheap. A hospital stay is costly. A friend willing to take canine combat wounds for you -- priceless.


Unknown said...

Wow. You know you have a good friend when they don't freak out over a bite from your dog. I take it her finger is okay, though, right? Infected doesn't equal amputated...

Oz said...

Oh good. Someone asked me why I would bother to get a tetanus booster this year just because it had been 10 years and the doctor said so. This is a reason she can understand. "Rusty nail" not so much.

That's a very good friend you have and a very embarrassing dog with more bite than bark. Aren't owners like their dogs or vice versa? What does this say about you? That you're pretty and ladylike to look at, but dangerous if someone tries to take your chocolate away?

qiihoskeh said...

This is how toy poodles evolved to hunt in the wild: one bite, then lurk in the shadows until the victim is paralyzed!

Unknown said...

mIt's very nice of you to care so deeply; I was bitten badly by a friend's cat once, and she barely inquired after it happened (and I re-evaluated the friendship).

Also, please forgive me for gushing at you so thoroughly at Armadillocon - I haven't made such a fool of myself over a writer for many an age...Hopefully you took as the testament to your writing I intended it to be.

p.s., Jane Austen & Somerset Maughm are two of my (other) favorite writers also

Nancy Kress said...

Gushing is always welcome!