Friday, September 24, 2010

Coffee Competition

Seattle loves its coffee. During the week my son and daughter-in-law have been visiting here, Jamie has conducted an informal competition. She loves pumpkin spice lattes. So she has had one at each of five nearby coffee shops: Cafe Appassionata, Starbucks, Cafe Ladro, Tully's, and El Diablo Coffee Shop. The winner: Tully's.

We didn't get to try Seattle's Best, alas. Still, it was a tight and exciting race. And this is what writers think about when they're neither writing nor reading much.

Must get back to work!


Unknown said...

Seattle's Best is the same coffee as Starbucks under a different name (it's owned by Starbucks), so don't worry too much about not getting to try it.

I've always loved El Diablo coffee though. But I'm not sure that non-Seattleites get how we like the indie coffee here.

Unknown said...

Loving all the Seattle posts (being a Seattleite myself). :)


bluesman miike Lindner said...

I forget if I posted about this before, Nancy. What writers talk about. John Keel and a mystery writer friend and I had lunch one afternoon on the Upper West Side. All the talk was about coin. Advances. Publicity budgets. Keel's friend said mournfully, "We chose the wrong career, John."
Keel replied, "There's nothing wrong with being a writer. The problem is with the vampires and leeches and tapeworms who control us."