Thursday, June 2, 2011

Publication Progress

For anyone interested, progress has been made on several of my publishing projects:

Small Beer Press will publish a collection of my short stories next year. The collection includes a few award-winning stories: "The Erdmann Nexus" (Hugo) and "Fountain of Age" (Nebula), plus other stories written in the last few years. Editor Gavin Grant asked for my input on a title; naturally I don't have one, titles being hard for me (my last collection was NANO COMES TO CLIFFORD FALLS AND OTHER STORIES, always the easy way out.) Since the two stories I just mentioned plus "Fools Like Me" all feature elderly first-person narrators, I could call it "GERIATRICS!" but this does not seem a felicitous choice. Also, there are some younger protagonists, who might feel slighted.

Lightspeed has had my story "Eliot Wrote" up for the entire month of May. I know May is over, but maybe it's archived if you missed it. I missed it. I must screen my emails better.

The scanning project for NOTHING HUMAN goes forward. The entire book has been scanned, and Jack is wrestling with Omnipage to turn it into a good Word document. Omnipage is supposed to be very good at this, and I'm sure that eventually it will cooperate with us. Maybe this weekend. Or soon. Very soon.

ASIMOV'S has bought "A Hundred Hundred Daisies" and it will appear some time or other.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday I go down to Portland to host a SFWA reading featuring two fine writers, Ursula LeGuin and Ted Chiang. I don't know what either of them is reading, but I know it's bound to be good. The reading is part of SFWA's new reading series organized by Mary Robinette Kowal. It takes place at a restaurant, McMinaman's, which may or may not be spelled that way. I'm looking forward to it.


John Joseph Adams said...

Eliot Wrote can be found here:, for anyone who missed it.

Bryan H. Bell said...

I wonder will Small Beer Press be publishing the collection in eBook format?

Also, for those who use Kindle or Nook, every issue of Lightspeed past or present is available for purchase ($3 each) delivered directly to your reader. Lightspeed is also available for other eReaders in ePub format.

Nancy Kress said...

Yes, Small Beer will do the collection as an ebook!

Lou said...

Thanks for the updates! Boy I wish I lived closer to Seattle...

Unknown said...

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