Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Updates

A round-up of various bits and pieces:

Gordon Van Gelder is asking everyone to participate in the 100 Best SF Novels of All Time poll
at Last year thriller readers got 17,000 voters, and for the honor of science fiction and fantasy, he would like to better that. So go to the site and vote.

NOTHING HUMAN still is not available as an e-book (nor is the rest of my backlist). But it's coming! Having completely messed up the scanned document while trying, earnestly but in total ignorance, to fix it, I turned the whole mess over to ex-Taos-student Eric Kelley, whose own novel you will be hearing about here eventually.

I did make progress with another piece of technology, however: I can now Twitter from my phone.

This weekend are the LOCUS awards and the SF Hall of Fame inductions. For the latter, I am introducing Neil Gaiman, who will be accepting for inductee Harlan Ellison. Ellison is too ill to attend. After that, I begin my week teaching Clarion. Thus, the next blogs will concern these events, with pictures -- IF I can don't mess up the camera.

On the writing front, the copy-edited manuscript of "Before the Fall, After the Fall, During the Fall" arrived. This is a very long novella (39,000 words) that will be published in April, 2012 by Tachyon Press, as both a stand-alone book and an e-book. I really like this one (not true of all my own work), so proofing it will not be the chore that I often consider proofing to be.

And Seattle actually had two days in a row above 70 degrees!

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