Saturday, October 8, 2011


Some writers do it standing up. Others do it lying down. Most, however, write while sitting, and where they do it is interesting.

Connie Willis works at Starbucks, in long hand.

Ellen Klages, when on a tight deadline, retires to a rustic lodge several states away.

A military-SF writer I know works on the back porch, in all weathers. He wears fingerless gloves when it's cold.

Terry Bisson works on a no-frills bench in his garage.

And, I learned yesterday, Greg Bear and Neal Stephenson and Mark Teppo work on the on-line experimental fiction project THE MONGOLIAD in a building that also houses a circus school. I hadn't known that Seattle even has a circus school. Mark gave Leslie Howle, of Clarion West, and me a tour. "It has interesting things to watch when you're on break," Mark said. Here, for instance, are trapeze artists warming up:

In contrast, my own working quarters seem prosaic: I work on a desk in the living room. I share these quarters with Jane Austen, here shown with the new desk I just bought her. If Jane were selling more copies, perhaps she could not only buy her own desk, but also pony up more of the rent.

Where do YOU write?


David Ivory said...

I write on the sofa, laptop on the arm, and look out the bay window to the view Victoria Harbour to relieve my eyes. Well... given this is Hong Kong it's a slot view between a couple of 50 storey residential towers - but I can still see one of the 9 dragon peaks of Kowloon.

Lots of sea eagles circling today as well.

Mary Robinette Kowal said...

I have a standing desk in my apartment, but I also tend to roam to other locations.

Look! A photo.

Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

Mostly at the oak rolltop desk at home -- buried under papers, the laptop balanced on the keyboard of the old PC. (grin)

But recently I've been doing a lot of writing on a tiny Fujitsu Ultraminiature PC, holding the unit in one hand and one finger typing on the very small keyboard. (evil grin)

Dr. Phil

Rick Novy said...
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Rick Novy said...

I dare say I am probably the only SFWA member who writes in a room with more than one fish tank.

Robert Mitchell Evans said...

I have an office in our two bedroom condo, so I work at a desk listening to Bossa Nova on the internet. At my day job I work in the break room with my iPhone playing music.