Thursday, August 2, 2012

Round-up of Miscellaneous Stuff

Oz Drummond, who runs the Writing Workshop at Worldcon, has asked me to say that there are still slots open at the workshop.  If you are going to Worldcon, have your ms. critiqued by a pro!  Gerry Nordley and I will be leading one session.

On August 9, I'm reading at the University Bookstore in Seattle at 7:00 p.m.  Not sure as yet just what I'm reading.  Novel in progress?  Maybe.

As I type this, the Blue Angels are practicing outside my on-a-hill-and-sixth-floor window, over Elliot Bay.  They perform this weekend for SeaFare, in Seattle.  They are impressive, and VERY loud.

My toy poodle, Cosette, after her last grooming.  This photo would seem cuter to me if I didn't know that she bit the groomer.

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qiihoskeh said...

I started a story some time ago, but I haven't made any progress in weeks. It's very sketchy and lacks a beginning.