Sunday, November 23, 2008


In the United States, this is Thanksgiving week. If I were home, I'd be planning a big turkey dinner for twelve. As it is, I'm invited to a pot-luck Thanksgiving dinner organized by my department chair, and therein hangs a problem. I volunteered to bring that very American side-dish, cranberry sauce. However, I cannot find any cranberries.

Cranberries are native to North America and have not yet caught on in Germany. Saturday I visited three greengrocers: no cranberries. Yesterday I went to the shops in the HauptBahnhof, the central rail station, which are the only shops open on Sunday in Leipzig. No cranberries. I have one more resource to check today: a gourmet delicatessen that, I'm told, is located in the basement of the big department store in the city center. If that doesn't work -- no cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving.

Cranberries are a terrific source of vitamin C. They can help prevent bladder infections because a chemical in them coats the inner bladder wall so that bacteria has trouble adhering there. They taste wonderful when prepared with sugar and a little orange zest. And they belong with Thanksgiving dinner.

But maybe not this year.


Frank Böhmert said...

Check "Naturaum" in Pittlerstr. 26 in 04159 Leipzig. They sell dried and sugared cranberries at least. 100 g for 3,49 Euro.

Closed on monday. Opened tu-wed 14-19, fri 11-20, sa 10-14.

Best wishes,
Frank from Berlin,
Googler Supreme :-)

Frank Böhmert said...

I forgot: they sell organic stuff.

Mindy Klasky said...

This precise issue came up in SHADOWLANDS (the C.S. Lewis biopic) - I don't remember, though, how they resolved it. (I do remember the housekeeper saying heartily, "If you find the cranberries, I'll sauce 'em for you!")

Good luck, and enjoy the holiday!

kathy said...

I don't think you will find FRESH cranberries in Germany - maybe deep-frozen or canned. But it seems to me that "Preiselbeeren" must at least be something similar. Maybe you could try them...

Nancy Kress said...

I found cranberries! The delicatessen in the basement of the department store Galleria had them, after all. They were expensive -- but I was able to get them. Thank you all for your suggestions.
Mindy: Me and god ol' C.S....

TheOFloinn said...

Cranberries, sure; but what about marshmallow sweet potatoes.

bluesman miike Lindner said...

Cranberries, no two ways about it. But I vum excellent stuffing and rich gravy with giblets--=them's= the keys to a true American Thanksgiving feast!

As Grandpa told me,

Chickens may come
And chickens may go
But a Turkey
Is an excellent bird