Saturday, October 24, 2009

MileHiCon, Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of MileHiCon in Denver. After registering, I had drinks in the bar with Cynthia Felice, Jack Skillingstead, Connie and Courtney Willis. The big news here is that Connie has -- at long last -- turned in the final revisions to the WWII novel she has been working on for eight years. The book will be published in two volumes, BLACKOUT and ALL CLEAR, the first to be released in February 2010. Here is Connie with her galleys. She looks proud and pleased, but not as pleased as husband Courtney, who says he's glad to "have the ordeal over." :)

A panel on characterization went well, as various writers contributed their ideas on what makes characters memorable and how to get that onto the page. The exertions of determining this sent everyone to recover in the bar, where the conversation turned to cover art. Artist GOH John Picacio talked about juggling input from authors, editors, marketing reps, and -- oh, yes -- the actual text. John will be doing the art for a calendar based on George R.R. Martin's popular fantasy series. Here is John:Opening ceremonies featured short remarks from all the GOH, as well as the announcement that the theme of this year's MileHiCon is "Sunnydale Reunion." Since I am the last person in America to never have seen Buffy, this was a little bewildering. What was clear was that the GOHs were given little red ribbons saying "Sunnydale Survivor" and fans can collect these by making offerings of the GOH's choice. I, of course, want chocolate.

The evening brought everyone to the bar. Here are Jack Skillingstead and Paolo Bacigaluppi, who are taking a break from serious discussion of literature. Or of something, at any rate:

I finished Day 1 in the con suite, talking to fans. And so to bed.

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