Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Charles Stross Reading

Last night Charles Stross gave a reading at the University Bookstore. The place was packed, with chairs jammed in everywhere possible and people standing in the back (none of which is actually visible in this photo):

Stross read a section from his new novel. Interestingly, the book is written in second-person, present tense, an unusual choice. That point-of-view can be really annoying ("Don't tell me that 'You did this' -- I know I didn't!") Stross, however, made it work. After a few minutes the POV disappeared and the story shone through.

Leslie Howle also announced next year's Clarion instructors, one of whom will be George R.R. Martin. Much applause.

As Duane, store manager and events co-ordinator, read off the last of up-coming appearances, it occurred to me that mostly I fail to publicize my own up-coming appearances, usually not blogging or tweeting about them until they're over. So in case anyone is interested:

August 5 and 6 I will be conducting two workshops at the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference in Bellevue.

At Worldcon, I am a panelist, will hold a Kaffee Klatsch, and will be a presenter at the Hugo ceremony.

On September 10, Jack Skillingstead and I will read in San Francisco, a reading sponsored by Tachyon Press and part of the SF reading series at the Variety Preview Room with books for sale courtsey of Borderlands Books.

On November 6, I will teach one of Clarion West's new "One-day Clarions" workshops. For details and registration, see or call 206-322-9083.


Sean Craven said...

"Why are all my current favorite SF writers Scottish socialists?"

"Because they work together."


qiihoskeh said...

Google is acting up.

Are you sure about that Borders reading? (although I'm not in the SF Bay Area anyways)

I'll be at Worldcon and will try to attend your Kaffeeklatsch.

Nancy Kress said...

Maybe not at Borders... That is possibly out-dated information?

Bryan H. Bell said...

Nancy, perhaps you should add a calendar page to your blog (or web site) in which you can list upcoming appearances.