Friday, July 15, 2011

This strange-looking object is an "ethernet concentrator." It was built by Taos student Jeff Duntemann and brought with him to Taos Toolbox in case Snow Bear Lodge had a weak wi-fi signal (it does in some places but not in others). The concentrator is built from a 1918 copper bathroom heater, a pillbox, and some other things I don't understand.

This level of scientific tech is typical of this year's Taos students, which also include an astrophyicist, a doctor, and many computer-savvy types. It's actually a bit intimidating: During last night's post-dinner conversation on the causes of nuclear melt downs, I had nothing to contribute.

The writing, critiquing, and class work go forward very well. Yesterday I lectured on world building, and Walter gave a wonderful talk on the Three R's (reveals, reversals, and raising the stakes). Some memorable quotes from critiquing sessions:

"This is The City and the City on LSD."

"Is it a scheduled squid or a chartered squid?"

"If steam is coming out of his ass, I'd notice."

"I need vowels!"

"Food is intimate without being sentimental."


Oz said...

I missed the lecture on "raining the stakes."

Can I come back?


Lawrence M. Schoen said...

Don't let her pick on your typos, Nancy. She knows as well as we do what that elevation can do. I'm amazed I was able to even type for the first few days.

Come to think of it though, I wishing I could come back too (maybe I can fit into Oz's suitcase).

Robert Mitchell Evans said...

*le sigh* I so badly want to apply for next year.