Monday, July 11, 2011

Taos Toolbox: Day 1

Today was the first class-and-critique session of Taos Toolbox. All went well. We critiqued two stories, I gave a lecture on writing in scenes, Walter gave one on plot. Here we are at work:

The critique room, which is also the dining room, is rustic. Everything that can be decorated with a bear or a moose, is. This is true throughout the lodge; the overhead light fixture in my apartment appears to be constructed from elk horns. The bedspreads have a moose pattern. Moose on the lampshade. A carved bear on the mantle.

Memorable lines from this morning's session:
"Specify the shape of her ass."
"I want to hear the horses scream and see the blood on the ground."
"Each story gets one free miracle."

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