Monday, June 18, 2012

Taos Toolbox -- Day 8

Still no bear.

People arrived at the critique room looking slightly the worse for wear, since students are now all writing their second-week stories as the deadlines loom, reading each other's work to critique, and handling such normal chores as laundry and grocery shopping.  Not unlike real life.  But the critique session went well.  I lectured on tone and voice; Walter spoke on the Three Rs: reveals, reversals, and raising the stakes.

Memorable quotes from today's session:

"I meant to look at your synopsis again, but then I started drinking."

I wondered why the volcano took 30 years to get so pissed off."

"There are not enough vegetarians in science fiction."

"The good news is that I see potential in this story.  The bad news is that what I see in this story is potential."

"I've been reading a lot of writing books lately, searching for my soul."

"I'm suffering from Taos brain."

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