Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Taos Toolbox -- Days 9 and 10

Still no bear, although we did get marmots and hummingbirds.  Also people.  Here is the class photo.  Back row, left to right: Gerald Warfield, Lauren Teffeau, Chris East, Dinesh Pulandram, Pat Scaramuzza, David McAmis, Walter Jon Williams, Nancy Kress, Maura Glynn-Thami, Doug Texter, Corry Lee.  Front row (more or less): Catherine Evleshin, Sara Mueller, Sandra Wickham, Lis Bass, Fran Wilde, Rebecca Stevenson, Cath Scaff-Stump.

Critiques continue to be given, as do lectures; today mine was on work process and Walter's on how to write a good synopsis.  Memorable lines from the last two days of critiques:

"Any chapter that ends 'His crotch burst into flame' has my attention."

"Thank you for the smokin' hot ice elf."

"You were going for ambiguity and you succeeded far too well."

"I was a little concerned about her trying to hide a straight blade in her bra."

"You only pronounced the name correctly if you have a pile of phlegm on the table when you're done."

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