Friday, June 22, 2012

Taos Toolbox -- Days 11 and 12

This was the last day of Taos Toolbox.  Still no bear, and the chipmunk that David McAmis has domesticated is no substitute, even though it's cute:
Attendees had been assigned the "Chastity exercise," developed by Ursula LeGuin, in which you must write a page of evocative description without using any adjectives or adverbs.  Everybody did well at this.  The winner of the Oz Drummond Scholarship, given to a promising writer, was Sara Mueller.  Tonight we will all go out for a final gala dinner.

Memorable quotes from the last two days' of critiques:

"This has a nice light touch for a story about genocide."

"It's set in Genericville."

"Your solution to the plot problem has to be to skate faster."

"I love the shit out of this story."

"Let them miss the point.  It's literary."

"This future Iowa is why I'm retiring to Florida."

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