Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Taos Toolbox -- Days 2 and 3

Taos Toolbox continues to chug forward.  We now, and for the first time ever, have a bar in the critique room, courtesy of David McAmis.  Many choices of liquor and wine.  The view from the lodge continues as gorgeous as ever:
This was a very long day.  I lectured on writing effective description and integrating it into a story.  We did four critiques, which means each student gets two minutes to critique each story, and Walter and I blather on much longer.  Then Walter did an exegesis on Samuel Delaney's NOVA for plot development, foreshadowing, and symbolism.

Memorable lines from the last two days' critiques:

"If they have extra ears, mention that earlier."

It's really hard to have an orgasm and stab somebody at the same time."

"Her being a serial killer is very inconvenient for them."

"If the title is THE DYING WORLD, maybe the first sentence shouldn't be 'Our world is dying!'"

"She's tumbling through these episodic scenarios like an eighteenth century heroine, only with less clothes."

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