Friday, August 22, 2008


Quick updates on various items:

The Kids' Writing Camp concludes today. I have some talented young fictioneers and the class has gone very well, with just one blip. Every day a midmorning snack is delivered to our classroom: pretzels or cookies or whatever. Wednesday it was a big bowl of animal crackers. However, it turns out that there is a fascinating fad among the twelve-year-old set for seeing if it is possible to drill a hole through the center of one animal cracker using nothing but the leg of a second animal cracker. Everyone immediately forgot about effective prose and became absorbed in accomplishing this important task. This does not happen when I teach Clarion.

DOGS video: The You Tube video for DOGS is up at Tachyon Press put this together with no budget whatsoever, and I am grateful. It will make you either want to read the book or to sell your pet.

Story for TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: This is still under review. I hope to hear soon that it's been accepted by the magazine, which I very much want to be in.

Idea for a novel: I still don't have one.


Steven Francis Murphy said...

The YouTubeage is first class.

S. F. Murphy

Nick A said...

Have you ever left out a bowl of animal crackers at a Clarion session???

g d townshende said...

If nothing else, we can tell which dogs have good teeth. :P LOL

All kidding aside, though, I liked it.